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When international cooperation projects collapse, cultural misunderstandings are often a factor. Cross-cultural competence is therefore a key skill for business success abroad. This is particularly the case with a culture as introverted as Japan’s.

In our trainings and workshops you learn to
- avoid pitfalls
- communicate effectively with your Japanese partner
- reach your own goals in an appropriate way

Flexible Intercultural Trainings Japan

Our intercultural trainings are custom-made, flexible and hands-on. We work with either a German-Japanese trainer team or a single coach.

All of our coaches have worked in Japanese enterprises themselves and share their experiences in our trainings and coachings. „Best practice“-tips, up-to-date case studies and a vivid mix of different training methods will make your co-operation with Japan a success.

You can book our coachings and trainings as in-house workshops. For all of those who have little time or need to act fast, we also offer online-coaching that are flexibly available at short notice.

Give us a call if you wish to obtain more detailed information.

Just give us a call if you need more information or would like no-obligation advice!

Portfolio Intercultural Trainings Japan

Access Japan - Intercultural competence training

For beginners and intermediates:
Key know how for your success in Japan

Training Intercultural Negotiations with Japan

Meetings & More:
Effective Negotiations and Presentations in Japan

Team Workshop Japan:

Acting together:
Development Training for German-Japanese Teams

Expat Training Japan:

Heading for Japan:
Preparatory Coaching for Delegates and their Families

Training Business Japanese

Easier than expected:
Survival Japanese for Managers

Access Europe - Intercultural Trainings Europe and Germany

For Japanese Managers:
German and European Business Culture at a Glance


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