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Expat Training Japan

The Expat Training Japan is designed for managers who are about to be posted to Japan. You will travel to Nippon on your own or with your family, in order to live and work there for what may be a number of years. Two requirements need to be met if your stay in Japan is to be a success. At the workplace cross-cultural competence will be essential if you wish to achieve your business goals. But the private sphere also counts: you and your family should settle in and feel at home in the new country as quickly as possible. Which makes involving your partner and children in the preparations for Japan all the more important.

Structure Expat Training Japan

Our Expat Training Japan is highly individualized and flexible. Choose between duration of 1 or 2 days and a German or Japanese coach. Elaborate information on living and working in Japan, inter-active practices and up-to-date case studies will perfectly prepare you for your assignment to Japan.

A combination with our intercultural competence training ACCESS JAPAN is recommended.

You wish to obtain more detailed information? Please use our customer service and give us a call.

Contents of the Expat Training Japan

Put together your individual Expat Training Japan using the following modules:

  • Preparing your stay
  • Setting up home
  • Living in Japan
  • The situation of partners, spouses and children
  • Before going home
  • Intercultural aspects
  • Do’s and don’ts in daily life


  • Visa your stay
  • What to bring along, what to leave at home
  • Shipping and importing household effects
  • Things to see to before leaving
  • Learning Japanese

Setting up home

  • Entry to Japan
  • Foreign embassies and consulates
  • Administrative formalities
  • Name seals
  • In the apartment: gas, water and waste disposal
  • Additional property expenses
  • Furnishing the apartment
  • Banks and finances: Opening an account
  • Telephone extension and mobile phones
  • TV, internet and other media
  • Culture shock

Living in Japan

  • In case of emergency: earth quakes and typhoons
  • Shopping
  • Public transportation
  • Driving a car and driver’s license
  • Postal services in Japan
  • System of taxation
  • Health and social insurances
  • In case of illness: medical care
  • Travelling in Japan and Asia
  • Leisure time and hobbies
  • National holidays

Partners, spouses and children

  • Schools and kinder gardens
  • Leisure time tips for kids
  • Job opportunities for spouses and partners
  • Identity and lifestyle
  • Keeping in touch with home
  • From homesickness to loneliness: Mastering challenges

Before going home

  • Preparing your return
  • Important things to do
  • Re-integration back home

Intercultural aspects

  • What you need to know about Japan: geography, history, religion
  • What makes the Japanese tick: Cultural values and ideas
  • Politeness and etiquette
  • Communication in Japan
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Visiting a Japanese house, receiving guests
  • Gift giving
  • In a restaurant, table manners
  • Socialising, invitations and festivities
  • Visiting temples and shrines
  • The Japanese bath


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