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Independent learning

As preparation for an ACCESS JAPAN training or simply for self-study:
Use the new ACCESS JAPAN self-education materials.


Communication & E-Mails

30-minute interactives E-learning


  • Why the Japanese prefer indirect communication
  • How they say Yes and No and if you can use the same techniques
  • Typical reactions and how to interpret them
  • How to carry on a conversation
  • How to address sensitive topics
  • How to get feedback
  • The Structure and features of Japanese E-Mails

Price: 49,00 Euro plus VAT

Meetings & Presentations

30-minute interactive e-learning


  • Preparing your meeting materials
  • Getting the right people to the table
  • Opening a meeting: From Smalltalk to seating orders
  • Roles of the participants
  • Meeting Strategies: From nemawashi to honne and tatemae
  • Tips for Meetings with Japanese business partners
  • Presentation material and slides
  • How to argue and convince

Price: 49,00 Euro plus VAT


„Meetings with Japanese Business Partners“

This 30-minute video shows the process of meetings between a German-American supplier and Japanese customers - from the first meeting to negotiating situations. With many examples and tips for more efficient meetings with your Japanese partners. The video is in English.


  • Opening a meeting
  • Greetings and business cards
  • Small talk
  • Japanese communication behaviors
  • Indirect communication and how to say yes and no
  • Pauses and silences
  • Preparing difficult topics
  • Inofficial behind the curtain talks
  • Japanese detail orientation
  • Handling Japanese claims
  • Closing of a meeting

Stream: 99,00 Euro plus VAT

You can also purchase the video to use as a coach in your own training or, if you are a company, to make it available to your employees. Write to to order.

Purchase on USB flash drive 499.00 plus VAT


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