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Business Japanese Training

The Business Japanese Training is aimed at those, who wish to master the set phrases customary in the Japanese business world. Saying the right thing at official and informal meetings will open doors – and vouch for your interest in the Japanese market.

You will study with the Klett Crashkurs Japanisch für Geschäftsleute and receive a free copy for continuing your studies.

Structure Business Japanese Training

We fashion the Business Japanese Training flexibly and according to your requirements. We recommend a 1 or 2 day training which will be led by one of the authors of the Klett Crashkurs Japanisch für Geschäftsleute. The inter-active design with many practices and lots of opportunities to speak Japanese guarantees a fun learning process and quick results. Enhance the benefit and combine this program with our intercultural competence training ACCESS JAPAN.

For more information or individual advice please call us. We will be happy to assist you.

Contents Business Japanese Training

Here is a choice of possible topics for our Business Japanese Training:

  • Pronunciation and writing system
  • Greetings, leave-taking, introductions
  • At a restaurant, placing orders
  • Survival Japanese
  • Basic grammar

Pronunciation and writing system

- Syllabaries and characters: Hiragana, katakana and kanji
- Easier than expected: correct Japanese pronunciation
- Writing your name in Japanese
- First words

Greetings, leave-taking and introductions

- Helpful set phrases for salutations
- Saying good-bye, taking leave
- Handing over business cards
- Introducing oneself and others

In a restaurant

- Set phrases for entering and leaving a restaurant
- Placing simple orders
- Phrases for beginning and ending a meal

Survival Japanese

- Figures and telephone numbers
- Times of the day
- Small Talk
- Keywords and everyday set phrases
- Asking for help
- Expressing incomprehension

Basic grammar

- Building positive sentences
- Asking questions
- Word order of Japanese sentences


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